The High Performance Home Program

Certified for excellent comfort, efficiency, durability, & health

High Performance Home Certificate and Brochure

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At Above and Beyond Energy, we work with builders every day who incorporate energy efficiency into their projects.  They are committed to getting the details right, and to giving their homeowners comfortable, durable, healthy, and efficient homes.  They look to Above and Beyond Energy for expertise in energy efficient construction techniques ranging from preliminary design decisions to framing and air barrier details that ensure comfort, durability and energy efficiency for years to come.  We work with builders to identify strategies that will be valuable, effective and appropriate in the humid Southeastern region of the country.   We verify that our builders’ homes follow a rigorous inspection checklist and provide instant feedback with a digital report with pictures and commentary, outlining what they are doing right as well as areas that may need improvement.  Our reports are emailed to the builder and subcontractors before our technicians leave the job-site, giving them the time they need to make corrective action.  We then verify that corrections were satisfactorily completed.
high performance home
As we applaud these builders and their efforts, we know many see their commitment to energy efficiency go unnoticed by consumers, real estate and mortgage professionals.We developed the High Performance Home Program to help our builders navigate a clear path towards building energy efficient homes, quantify their achievements and to take credit for all the great things they are doing.  High Performance Home Program certifies that the qualifying home requirements are met and enforced, energy use is computer modeled to demonstrate 15% savings over standard new homes, and performance tests are verified as compliant.  In addition High Performance Home provides professional marketing materials so that builders can focus on what they are good at; building really great homes!


Click here to visit the High Performance Home Program website